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"Ant Can Build Mount"
By 22 Methods, can do in less

We are providing javascript function, which can help you to create a big javascript code in less code.

1 - Easy To Code

This library providing an easy way to work with javascript functions. As you can easily hide an element by calling hide() method.

2 - Easy To Understand

Everyone developer can understand this code easily. And browser also read it easily because it's size is just less then 5KB. So it make website faster.

3 - Speed Up Your website

You can optimize your website speed. Using this javascript library instead of other javascript library. It's size help you to make website faster.

VeRy.Js for Everyone.

Very.js is a free open source software. It comes with GNU GPLV3 Licence. Use it without paying a penny.

(An invention of Ant)

The JavaScript library developed by an Indian Developer, In October 2015. To make faster web, it's just an invention of a 20 years old developer.

Rahul Negi

Rahul is a passionate young web developer. He is passionate about his work. Working on a new concept "make web faster". More Then 4+ years Experience in web development.

An Invention Of Rahul Negi, © VeRy.Js By Rahul Negi